Thru the filter of my own experience as a white female born in 1950's America, I explore themes of assumed entitlements, homogenization, marginalization, and human obsolescence - social divides we’ve come to accept as normal cultural paradigms.

In questioning this acceptance, I recognize the insignificant - marginalized found objects and disenfranchised people. Driven by a desire to make right, the work I do reflects my own handwork, but also orchestrates handwork of homeless individuals or interested community members through public interventions that seek to socially engage the hands of many to create a larger whole.

My work exploits traditional fiber techniques as conceptual tools for aesthetic, social communication to examine a society of which we are all a part - as bystanders, participants, victims and perpetrators.

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"Ground Cover" is a public art project created by Phoenix artist Ann Morton and was commissioned by the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program.
Ground Cover is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant.

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